BUSI 2033 CIN3

Financial Accounting 2

A continuation of the study of introductory financial accounting from both the preparer's and user's perspectives. Students study financial accounting concepts, methods, standards and techniques. Topical coverage includes cash and internal control, receivables, inventories, capital assets, current and long term liabilities, shareholders' equity, and financial statement analysis.

Instructor: Ian Feltmate
 BUSI 1013 with C- or better
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

Building upon the skills you have learned in Financial Accounting 1, this course will improve your understanding of how accounting is done, why accounting standards take the shape they do, and how accounting is used by capital providers.

Topics include:

  • Accounting for assets, liabilities and equity
  • Cash flow statements
  • Performance analysis

As you explore each topic, you will consider what we need to account for and why, as well as the specific methods that are needed to provide information for decision making.