BUSI 3313 S2

Human Resource Management

The human problems of the management of all work situations, supervision by authority and motivation, communication and introduction of change, organization of work efforts, employee development, performance incentives, personnel policy, and management responsibilities.

Instructor:  Jim Grant
Busi 2733 with a C- or better or permission of instructor
Course Type: Online; Scheduled. Register in advance of the term and follow milestones set by the instructor.

This course will provide you with a valuable foundation in Human Resource Management (HRM) whether you intend to pursue a career as an HR professional, a manager, or a professional with an understanding of how HRM issues shape the workplace environment.

Topics include:

  • The historical and philosophical bases of HRM
  • Recruitment
  • Employee and union relations
  • Pay and employment equity

After completing the course, you'll have an appreciation for the functions and responsibilities of the HRM practitioner and the Canadian legal framework for HRM, including common law protections, employment standards, health and safety, and equity.