CREL 2533 N1

'Cults': New Religious Movements

An examination of practices and self-understandings of New Religious Movements (NRMs, i.e. Scientology, Neo-paganism (Wicca), Satanism, Falun Gong, Branch Davidians) in North America. Topics include the social scientific study of NRMs; historical roots and teachings; issues of popularity and interpretation; and special consideration of gender in the emergence and form of NRMs.

Instructor: Donna Seamone
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

Journey into the world of so-called cults, sects, and New Religious Movements (NRMs) with this fascinating course from Dr. Donna Seamone. You'll discover various groups' worldviews, practices, and their significance. You'll also learn about different scholarly theories that help us understand New Religious Movements in North America and beyond.