ECON 1023 CIN4

An Introduction to the Study of Macroeconomics

The national accounts. The measurement of macroeconomic indicators. The determination of aggregate employment and output in the short-run, the long-run and the very-long-run. The monetary system and monetary policy. The balance of payments accounts and exchange rate determination. Stabilization policies and policies to promote economic growth.

Instructor: Brian VanBlarcom
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

The course will challenge you to think about everyday news from an economic perspective. For example, what exactly is inflation and why is it always in the news? Why does the Canadian dollar fluctuate and how do these fluctuations impact the economy. How do government expenditures or interest rate changes influence economic activity?

Topics include:

  • GDP
  • Interest rates and inflation
  • Government spending and taxes

You'll become familiar with basic tools of macroeconomic analysis and how they can be used accurately and objectively.