KINE 4753 CIN1

Promoting Physical Activity for Youth

In-depth study of a selected topic in the field. Designed to enable students to take advantage of a particular expertise of visiting or permanent faculty.

Instructor: Chris Shields
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

The declining levels of physical activity among youth and adolescents is a growing public health issue and represents a complex challenge that will require efforts at all levels of society. In this course students will examine the scope of physical (in)activity among youth and adolescents, the factors that contribute to youth physical activity as well as the consequences of physical (in)activity among this population. Further, students will explore ways to best promote physical activity for youth and adolescents. This course will introduce students to theoretical, research and applied issues relevant to physical activity promotion for youth and adolescents. This will be done using a combination of readings and reflection. The course will draw from peer reviewed research, real-world examples as well as commentary found in popular media. Building on the foundational material presented in the course, students will pursue relevant topics of personal interest to them in more depth. Throughout the course students will be assessed on their ability to integrate information and to summarize the issues important for addressing the public health challenge that is youth physical inactivity.