NUTR 1313 CIN4

Human Nutrition 1

An examination of: the evidence-based principles of healthy eating; food consumption patterns and trends; digestion, absorption, metabolism, and food sources of macronutrients essential to human health; and energy metabolism and balance.

Instructor: Tristaca Curley
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

In this course, you'll explore the fundamentals of nutrition as a scientific discipline, and learn about its relationship to other sciences. You will study the nutrients essential to human life and well-being, their functions in metabolism, and their sources in food as it is consumed. Emphasis will be placed on vitamins and minerals.

Topics include:

  • The role of digestion and metabolism
  • Canada's food guide
  • The balance between the foods we eat and their relationship to human health

By developing your understanding of the science of nutrients and how your body uses them, you'll be able to make better dietary choices for yourself, and protect yourself from sources of misinformation.