NUTR 1503 CIN4

Understanding Nutrition

The basis of food selection for health. The course stresses evaluation of personal nutrient intake, especially carbohydrate, fat, and protein, in relation to needs for active living, weight management, and chronic disease prevention. Issues will be discussed within a contemporary context. Open to non-nutrition majors only.

Instructor: Tristaca Curley
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

In this introductory course designed for non-Nutrition majors, you'll explore the role of nutrition in health. In the course, you'll study both the science of nutrition and how it can be applied to planning and achieving a healthy diet.

Topics include:

  • Major functions, sources, and potential problems associated with micronutrients, macronutrients, water, and fibre
  • Calculating BMI, energy contribution, and energy requirements
  • Canada's food guide and differentiating between reliable and unreliable information

You will also gain awareness of the nutrition and dietetics profession, as well as reliable sources of information.