NUTR 2323 CIN2

Food and People

An examination of the relationship between food and human culture through a biocultural framework. Students will examine social, economic, and ecological factors affecting, and affected by, food practices and systems. Global and local food production, preparation, processing, distribution and waste management, as well as social justice, gender, diversity, equity, and cultural competence are covered.

Instructor: Tristaca Curley
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

Are you aware of your own cultural influences, or how your local food technologies impact the choices available to you? In this course, you'll explore the factors that influence our dietary choices, including those both within and beyond our control.

Topics include:

  • Food production, distribution, and consumption in different societies and environments
  • Global and domestic food security issues
  • Genetic engineering, organic food production, locally-sourced foods

Through this course, you'll develop a better understanding of the way we interact with our environment to obtain food, as well as the influences our cultures and societies have on our food consumption.