PSYC 1110L – PSYC 1113 Laboratory

PSYC 1110L is the laboratory to accompany PSYC 1113, and is for majors only.

Welcome to your Introductory Psychology Laboratory! The goal of this laboratory is to introduce you to the skills and concepts that you will need to pursue your degree in Psychology. However, you'll find that the skills taught in this laboratory all contribute to effective and efficient information consumption, consolidation and written communication, skills applicable to almost every profession.

For each laboratory, you will be asked to complete activities about a variety of research-related subjects (e.g., research methodology and experimental design, operational definitions, APA formatting, research ethics, data collection and preliminary analysis, writing skills etc.).

Instructor: Dr. Stephanie Jones
 PSYC 1113
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace