SOCI 1033 CIN5

Social Problems

This course introduces sociological concepts, principles and approaches through a focus on social problems in contemporary societies. Problems to be explored include but are not limited to: Consumerism, population growth, hunger, poverty, economic development, environment, disease, Indigenous groups and ethnic conflict, peasant protests and resistance, intimate violence, drug use, immigration and sexual orientation.

Instructor: Michelle Coleman
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

In this course, you'll build your understanding of the nature of social problems and issues that confront contemporary society.

Topics include:

  • Crime and violence
  • Economic inequality
  • The young and old
  • Gender inequality

You'll explore how social problems are defined, created, and maintained, as well as their possible solutions. The course also provides you with an opportunity to reflect on social problems that relate to your own life.