SOCI 2363 N1

Women and Aging

This course will explore the sociological relevance of issues related to the social, demographic, political and economic factors, which are major determinants to the well being of aging women.

Instructor: Brenda Wallace-Allen
 Soci 2343 or 2353.
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

In this course, you'll explore both the individual and the social aspects of the aging process, with specific reference to the consequences these have for the life course of women in Canada.

Topics include:

  • Studying aging from a life course perspective
  • Sociological concepts relevant to aging and the life course
  • Issues and concerns of older women 

In addition to building your awareness, the course will sharpen your ability to research life narratives and to discover linkages between theory, practice, and policy.