SOCI 2553 CIN3

Sociology of Education

The role of schooling in society with particular focus on who gets what type and amount of schooling, the formal and informal workings of school systems and cultures, the social consequences of schooling, and progressive education.

Instructor: Tony Thomson
 6 h from SOCI 1006, 1106, or 6 hrs from 1013/1023/1033/1113 or equivalent.
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

Educational institutions are among the most important societal structures. In this course, you'll explore the interactions within these institutions and the role they play in shaping our society.

Topics include:

  • The history, evolution, and practices of major educational institutions
  • Student cultures and violence in schools
  • Whether education is a means of social class change or perpetuates the economic status quo
  • The effect of schooling on inequality

This course is not designed to help you teach: it is an objective and critical examination of the pivotal role of education in our society.