Chemistry (MSc)

Expand your knowledge of chemistry and develop your research skills in Acadia's highly engaged, research-focused program of study.

Acadia's graduate program in chemistry provides advanced courses in chemistry to enhance your breadth of knowledge in the subject while complementing your study on your chosen research project. You will work closely with your supervisor to develop your analytical and critical thinking skills, while studying a problem of real-world consequence.

Be Inspired

Acadia’s chemistry department has faculty members who are active in many research areas, including environmental chemistry, chemical biology, health and wellness, materials science, photochemistry, and photophysics, among others. You will benefit from small class sizes, engaging researchers, and friendly faculty and staff. You also have access to incredible research tools and facilities within the department and through connected research centres such as the Acadia Centre for Microstructural Analysis.

Research Interests

  • Application of chemical kinetics to atmospheric chemistry and fuel science
  • Bioavailability of metals in nature
  • Chemical speciation
  • Cavity enhanced fibre-optic sensors
  • Chromatographic separations
  • Design and evaluation of DNA photocleaving agents
  • Design and synthesis of molecular compounds for hydrogen storage
  • Design and synthesis of photocages
  • Design and synthesis of photodynamic multinuclear metal complexes
  • Drug delivery
  • Drug design
  • Effectiveness of barrier films in preventing corrosion
  • Environmental analytical chemistry
  • Enzyme Inhibition
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Novel thin films on metal surfaces
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Role of proteins in fouling and corrosion of metal surfaces
  • Role of proteins in medical implants

Program at a Glance

Year 1 - Term 1

CHEM 5013
Qualifying Exam
CHEM 5xx3
CHEM 5010
Research Seminar
CHEM 5960

Year 1 - Term 2

CHEM 5023
Research Proposal
CHEM 5xx3
CHEM 5010
Research Seminar
CHEM 5960

Year 1 - Term 3

CHEM 5960

Year 2 - Term 1

CHEM 5960

Year 2 - Term 2

CHEM 5960
Thesis completion


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