Community Development (BCD)

Community Development is an exciting field of study focused on developing fundamental skills and methodologies that will allow you to work face-to-face with communities and improve conditions for others. This program leads to highly rewarding careers, making a difference to the people in your communities.

Acadia’s Community Development professors share knowledge, provide service, and develop leaders who work for a healthy and just society. Choosing to study community development will help you develop the skills needed to improve quality of life for others and to build active, healthy, sustainable communities. You may choose to maintain a broad focus or specialize in one of four areas: recreation management, community wellness, social activism, and outdoor and adventure education.

You will improve your communication and leadership skills and learn how to work effectively in group and multi-stakeholder settings. You will learn how to work collaboratively within government, political, and economic systems and policies. Your skill set can be applied to various career paths and will appeal to a wide range of employers and sectors.

Be Inspired

At Acadia, our program emphasizes the qualities that professionals in the field have identified as important in order for you to be successful. You will work collaboratively with faculty in the classroom and in the community. You will be an individual, not a number. Essential theory and concepts are balanced with experiential learning opportunities.

You will have unique experiences in your core term, when you will undertake a major fourth-year project conducted locally or internationally. During a work placement, you will gain valuable experience as you are immersed in a project that is of special interest to you.

Future Careers

  • Active living and health promoter
  • Community developer
  • Community planner
  • Counsellor
  • Ecotourism coordinator
  • Lawyer
  • Outdoor educator
  • Recreation manager
  • Social entrepreneur
  • Special events planner
  • Teacher
  • Teambuilding/group facilitator

"Acadia’s Community Development program exceeded all my expectations. We explored everything from learning to facilitate adventure education and bike touring to strategic planning and research methods. Having a diverse course load helped me gather the experience I needed to find meaningful work after graduation."

Miranda Collins, BCD (’14)

First Year at a Glance

Semester One

CODE 1013
Foundations of Leadership
CODE 1023
Environment & Sustainable Society
CODE 1043
Communication and Professional Skills
BUSI 1703 and 1700L
Intro to Business 1, with lab
Your choice

Semester Two

CODE 1033 and 1030L
Community Development, with Community Experience Lab
CODE 1100
First Aid and CPR
BUSI 1053
Introduction to General Accounting and Finance
Your choice
Your choice
Your choice

Co-op available: Yes
Co-op Information

Honours: Thesis-based, with research

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Acadia Community Development Committee
Community Outreach Acadia
Kentville Parks and Recreation


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