Mathematics Education (Integrated BSc and BEd)

The study of math education at Acadia will appeal to you if you are a keen problem solver whose interest in mathematics includes sharing your knowledge with others as a teacher.

Acadia offers an integrated BSc/BEd program through the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in cooperation with the School of Education. The program is five years in duration and is intended for undergraduate students who decide early in their academic program that they wish to pursue teaching. If this appeals to you, then you need to apply to the program during your first year of study at Acadia. You will be admitted to the integrated program on successful completion of Year 1. Your qualifications are reviewed on completion of Year 3, and continuation in the BEd portion of the program will be contingent on this review.

In addition to varied roles in academia, many rewarding math careers can be found in teaching. Numeracy is always a high priority within primary and secondary education systems, making math graduates with an interest in teaching highly sought after. As a mathematics graduate you will be sought after by employers in many sectors as you will be perceived as having proven intellectual rigour, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and an ability to tackle complex problems.

Be Inspired

Acadia offers small class sizes, which improves your interaction with professors and classmates inside and outside the classroom. Knowing that you plan to teach mathematics will help our award-winning professors help you choose the right path on your journey to have a career in teaching.

Future Careers

  • Adult educator
  • Assessment developer/consultant
  • Corporate trainer
  • Curriculum developer
  • Education administrator
  • Educational assistant
  • Educational consultant
  • Instructional designer
  • Instructional materials developer
  • Teacher

First Year at a Glance

Semester One

MATH 1013
Introductory Calculus 1
MATH 1313
English or another language
Course in second teachable subject
COMP 1113/APSC 1413
Introduction to programming

Semester Two

MATH 1023
Introductory Calculus 2
MATH 1333
Linear Algebra
English or another language
Course in second teachable subject
Your choice

Mathematics Education

Co-op Available: Yes

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Acadia Math Society
Acadia Education Society
Statistical Society of Canada
Canadian Mathematical Society
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