Philosophy (BA)

The study of philosophy is about asking big questions – the meaning of life, the nature of the world around us, and what forms the basis of morality. While learning is more often focused on the ‘what’, students of philosophy take on the challenge of determining the ‘why.’

By choosing to study philosophy you can learn valuable life skills to put to use in both your professional and personal lives. These life skills encompass effective communication, critical and logical thinking, and an ability to grasp all angles of an argument and analyze it to get to the crux of an issue - a skill-set vital to work in law, politics, business, and academia.

Philosophy tackles the most fundamental questions such as “How should I live? Is there a God? What are my rights and responsibilities? Do I have free will?” Studying philosophy will provide insight into such questions and help you develop the skills of analysis, argumentation, and clear expression. Philosophical questions underlie the theory and practice of every academic field.

Be Inspired

Acadia’s Philosophy Department prides itself on having excellent student-teacher contact. We provide our students with an exceptional grounding in critical thinking and through our rigorous program, our graduates go on to high academic achievement. Recent graduates have won the prestigious Presidential Graduate Fellowship at MIT, gained admission to graduate schools at Brown, Carleton, Cornell, Dalhousie, Harvard, Indiana, McGill, Memorial, MIT, Ottawa, Princeton, Purdue, Queen’s, Simon Fraser, Toronto, UBC, Victoria, Western, and York; gained admission to law school at Dalhousie, Osgoode Hall, Ottawa, Queen’s, and Wales; gained admission to medical school at Memorial; and won graduate scholarships totalling well over $500,000. Philosophy prepares you for whatever career challenges you’ll face later in life.

Future Careers

  • Government
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Paralegal
  • Policy analysis
  • Policy research
  • Public relations
  • Teaching

First Year at a Glance

Semester One

PHIL 1413
Introduction to Philosophy
ENGL 1413
Writing & Reading Critically 1
LANG xx13
Language other than English
ARTS xx13
Introductory arts course
Introductory science course

Semester Two

PHIL 1423
Introduction to Philosophy
ENGL 1423
Writing & Reading Critically 2
LANG xx23
Language other than English
ARTS xx23
Introductory arts course
Introductory science course


Honours: Thesis-based, with research

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