Safety and Security

Campus Advisory: Crosswalk and Pedestrian Safety

The Department of Safety and Security would like to remind all members of the Acadia University community of our responsibilities pertaining to crosswalk and pedestrian safety.


  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and at all intersections.  Crosswalks, whether marked or unmarked, exist at ALL intersections.
  • Be alert for pedestrians who appear unsure, distracted or not alert.
  • Do not pass at an intersection or crosswalk unless it is legal to do so and you are sure that there are no pedestrians present.
  • Take extra care when driving at night, dawn, dusk and during inclement weather.  Pedestrians will be more difficult to see at these times.
  • Slow down and obey posted speed limits, particularly on residential streets and within school zones.
  • Children can be unpredictable…take extra care when children are present.
  • Be aware and alert for cyclists or skateboarders who may approach an intersection at a greater rate of speed than pedestrians.  Be prepared to stop, even if you feel you have the right of way.



  • Use marked crosswalks when available.
  • Obey all pedestrian traffic signs and signals.
  • Press the pedestrian crossing button and/or use the signal flag when available.
  • When crossing, make eye contact with motorists before stepping off the sidewalk.
  • Check for approaching or turning traffic before crossing…even if you have signalled and have the right of way.
  • Give oncoming traffic time and distance to stop before stepping onto the crosswalk.  Allow for extra time in inclement weather and at night, dawn or dusk.
  • When walking at night, try to wear bright or reflective clothing and carry a flashlight if practical.
  • Yield to traffic when crossing at a location other than an intersection.

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