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Safety and Health Week May 2-8, 2021

On behalf of the Acadia Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee members, we would like to let you know that May 2-8, 2021 Is Canada’s Safety and Health week.  We are hoping that all members of Acadia’s community will focus on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community, where you are faculty, staff, student, partners or a member of the public, safety begins with you.

One of the most important aspects of Safety and Health Week is awareness. We want every workplace and community to have a hand in making Safety and Health Week a success.

To help in the awareness of Safety and Health Week, we hope you will take some time to view our OHS website, workshops, and podcasts to help make your workspace safe.




Acadia Workshops through ACORN


Our Committee Members are always available to field your questions or to being concerns to the JOHS committee.

Committee Members


  • Brian Wilson, AUFA
  • Teri Gullon, AUFA


  • Sandra Symonds, AUPAT
  • Michael Holmes, AUPAT


  • Ann Myers, SEIU, Library – Co-chair
  • Aran Silmeryn, SEIU

Acadia Administration:

  • James Sanford, Exec. Director, Student Services – Co-chair
  • Pat Mora, Financial Services
  • Richard Johnson, Athletics (alternate)

Ex-Officio Committee Members (non-voting):

  • Patrick Difford, Director, Safety & Security
  • Greg Deveau, Manager Safety & Security & OHS Coordinator
  • Brittany Keddy, Admin Coordinator, Safety & Security
  • Kathy Klein, Human Resources
  • Laura Miller, Chartwells
  • Caroliina Landry, OHS Nurse
  • Derek Parker, Physical Plant
  • Eveline DeSchiffart, Acadia Divinity

Thank you for taking the time to review our safety programs and helping us to keep Acadia University a safety and healthy campus for all to work, learn and grow.





Ann Myers                                                                                                          James Sanford

Special Collections Assistant                                                                        Executive Director, Student Services                                                                       


Co Chairs

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC)

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