Money Matters

Living Expenses


Our Co-op program can be valuable to you in many ways. At Acadia, Co-op options are available for 80% of our different degree programs.

  • Co-op will provide you with a professional salary that can make a major impact in financing your education. Your three Co-op work terms will amount to a year of wages.
  • Co-op provides you with great work experience, and the opportunity to see what your future career could look like. This work experience could lead to job opportunities in the future.


Acadia creates jobs for students that provide income and look great on your résumé. We also post job opportunities on behalf of other employers: check out Acadia Central for job opportunities on-campus and beyond.

Typical types of jobs available on-campus include:

  • Lab and research work
  • Working with youth (activity leaders or camp counselors for youth sports, summer camps, etc.)
  • Customer service
  • Retail
  • Food service

You may also find opportunities available in Wolfville and nearby communities. Many students work part-time in Wolfville's shops and restaurants.

While working part-time can be a very helpful way to earn money for your living expenses, it's important to balance it with your studies. We suggest working 15 hours per week or less to ensure that you have plenty of time for your studies and time to relax.