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The start of a new school year marks the start of the Red Zone, COVID-19 cannot cancel everything. Every year when students are welcomed to post-secondary institutions across North America, the time between arriving on campus in August/September to Remembrance Day in November, is a time when the prevalence of sexual assaults on campus spikes. Research states that sexual assaults often occur between people who know each other, and where one person knows exactly what they are doing. Of course, each experience is unique; many sexual assaults involve alcohol, and frequently involve people who are romantically involved. During the coming months we must work on prevention and believing students when they speak out. Equity seeking groups are at greater risk of experiencing violence; with trans, non-binary, Black and Indigenous people of colour and women with disabilities at the highest risk of experiencing violence. Sexual violence does occur in the 2SLGBTQ+ community. One in six men will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. One in three women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. Sexual violence is not the fault of the survivor. People do not lie about their experiences of sexual violence. Silence does not equal consent. #IBelieveYou

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