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Pride Month: A time to celebrate and act

The rainbow pride flag flutters in the wind in on a flagpole in front of the Acadia clock tower.

Pride month is a time of celebration, human connection, and remembrance of queer voices that continue to fight for justice and equality. It is also a time to act.

As a society, we face many challenges this year. The global pandemic has exposed racism and complacency inside our institutions and beyond.  Because systemic racism exists, it is up to us to recognize and address this fundamental injustice together.

The challenge belongs to each of us

The entire 2SLGBTQ+ (including Indigenous and Black people who identify as queer) community faces challenges within society and our institutions. It is not enough to call out racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and misogyny. We must actively fight against this inequality.

To young people, especially, we must share love and kindness. Only our actions will show that we will not allow the oppression of the 2SLGBTQ+ community to continue. Our diverse student body is part of what makes our campus dynamic. Each of them has something to offer society. Isn’t it time we recognize and value their contribution? #blacklivesmatter #pride2020

Learn more

  • Information and support are available on Acadia’s website for 2SLGBTQ+.
  • Check out this short video from Algonquin College, to learn more about the history of the most colourful flag.
  • Visit The Valley Youth Project (VYP) website to learn more about Annapolis Valley’s local queer community.

This post is by Polly Leonard, MSW, RSW (she/her/hers), Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer

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