Fall Information Session - Webinar Recording Posted

On July 9th, you joined the Acadia team to review and discuss how we plan to provide our students with a high quality learning environment while taking the necessary steps to protect your health and well-being.

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Your Webinar Questions

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to answer all the questions that were asked during the webinars. Please find a list of the questions that you asked us in the chat below. If you have additional questions, please contact us at acadia4u@acadiau.ca

This information is accurate as of July 10, 2020. Please visit the Student Life or COVID-19 websites for up-to-date information as we continue to update policies and move-in plans.

Residence and Moving In

Are there any groups of students who will not be allowed back on campus in the fall?

Acadia is open to all students who have the ability to join us, provided they follow the public health requirements, such as quarantining for 14 days upon arrival. Some students will not be able to be on campus due to travel restrictions or other limitations so we are working to ensure a large majority of our courses will be available remotely or online.

What is the quarantine plan for incoming students that will be living on campus?

All student arriving from areas that require quarantine must arrive on or before September 5 to quarantine for 14 days in residence. Movement will be highly restricted, and we are developing plans to keep students engaged, create socializing opportunities online, get regular meals and to prepare them for a successful term while in isolation. Faculty and staff will be engaging regularly with students virtually, and we will have a full slate of student services available to students. More info will be shared with residence students in the coming weeks.

What does self-isolation look like for residence students? Confined to dorm room?

All student arriving from areas that require quarantine must arrive on or before September 5 to quarantine for 14 days in residence. Movement will be highly restricted, and we are developing plans to keep students engaged, create socializing opportunities online, get regular meals and to prepare them for a successful term while in isolation. Faculty and staff will be engaging regularly with students virtually, and we will have a full slate of student services available to students! More info will be shared with residence students in the coming weeks.

Why are students being "asked" to self-isolate? Why aren't they being made to and kicked off campus/suspended from the semester if they don't considering they are risking the rest of us?

All students coming from areas the province of Nova Scotia requires quarantining will be required to quarantine. It is not optional.

Are you going to do anything to ensure students outside of the Atlantic bubble are actually isolating? What about roommates/housemates?

All students coming to residence from areas requiring quarantining will be quarantining for 14 days. It is not optional. Students who will live off-campus are also subject to those provincial regulations. We will require students to sign a Code of Conduct as well to acknowledge that we are all in this together if we want to keep our community as safe as possible, and we will work with the town of Wolfville and RCMP where needed. However, at the end of the day, the onus and responsibility to follow public health guidelines and restrictions is on every individual.

When can students from within Atlantic Canada move into residence?

As long as the Atlantic Bubble is in place, the weekend of September 19-20 would be your move-in date. We will be in touch with more specifics.

When do students who are not required to self isolate need to arrive to campus? Will they also need to arrive Sept 5th?

No, students who do not need to self-isolate will be invited to arrive the weekend of Sept 19-20. More details will be communicated to residence students in the coming weeks.

What happens if a Student arrives on the 6th of September?

It is important that all students that need to quarantine arrive on or before the 5th so that they can quarantine before the beginning of classes. If you have a particular situation that prevents you from doing so, please contact James Sanford, Executive Director of Student Services, to discuss.

If an out-of-province student lives off campus in a house with roommates from Atlantic Canada, do you know if they can quarantine in the same house with their roommates?

It is mandatory that everyone outside Atlantic Canada at the moment self-quarantine for 14 days upon entering Nova Scotia. Please refer to the NS COVID-19 website for more detail.

Is it mandatory to self isolate in residence if I have a room booked on residence for next year? For example, could I instead isolate with family already residing in Nova Scotia?

You can self-isolate with family in Nova Scotia, instead of in residence, if you have that option. Your move-in weekend would be September 19-20. We will have programming for all students during that period, whether in residence or virtually.

In the new fall semester, will the dorms be kept at a common distance? Will there be people in every room on every floor?

We are working with Public Health to ensure our residence system is as safe as possible. At the moment, we are only allowing one student per room in residence, and students will be assigned specific bathrooms. We will be providing more information as the coming weeks.

Do parents who are bringing students from outside the Atlantic provinces have to self-isolate as well? Any idea how they will do that and still get their son/daughter effectively settled in?

Currently, all individuals arriving from outside Atlantic Canada must self-isolate for 14 days. Move-in details will be shared with students in the weeks to come. We will certainly be there to help your son/daughter move in, and we know this is a very different year.

If our parents are planning on driving us to Acadia from outside Atlantic Canada will they have anywhere to stay overnight in NS?

Please check directly with local hotels but Nova Scotia hotels are currently operating, yes.

How will an out of province student be able to move in (to residence) when their accompanying family will also have to self-isolate?

We will be in touch with our residence students to walk throug the move-in process. Certainly, it will be a different term than in the past but we will be there to assist you safely.

So am I correct that a parent(s) of a first year student will be unable to assist with move in to residence?

We will be providing more specifics about the move-in process to residence students in the coming weeks; it will be dependent on whether or not the student is joining us for self-isolation or not. We will be in touch.

I was wondering if I would have an access to my boxes that are currently in storage of my residence? I have some essential materials I would need during my self-isolation

Please make arrangements with the Residence Office. They will likely be able to have your boxes moved before your arrival, or they will make other arrangements with you.

For Canadian non-Atlantic students, do you have an opinion on whether or not the 14 day isolation period MIGHT get waived before students need to show up?

This is really in the hands of the NS government. We do not know where things will be by September, unfortunately.

Meal Hall

How will the number of students using the dining hall be monitored?

Detailed plans will be put in place to ensure student access, in a safe way following provincial public health guidelines.

If you're required to self-isolate for the 14 days, how is meal hall going to work?

We are currently working with public health authorities in developing plans to ensure students have access to the meal hall year-round, while continuing to adhere to public health guidelines.

How can I get meals during quarantine?

We will be taking care of that :-) Details to come!

International Students

How shall it be arranged for international students who live on campus and have to arrive before September (Early- to Mid-August), and to comply with 14 day self-isolation?

September 5 to 19 will be a quarantine period for everyone on campus. If students arrive prior to the 5th, they will be required to quarantine for 14 days beginning the day they arrive. If they want to be in residence September 5 to 19, they will be required to quarantine during that time as well. Students who have already quarantine before the start of term, or do not need to quarantine based on where they reside, will not have to be in residence until September 19.

I am an international student and to go to Canada I might even have to go via other foreign countries which may not be safe for me health wise, so is it possible if I can have all my courses online or remote?

Yes, we will be offering at least 84% of all Acadia courses online or in hybrid format.

I heard rumors about that international students who choose to take online course will face expulsion if they cannot go back to Canada before December, is it true?

We are not sure what this refers to.

Academics and Dates

How will students declare if they are able or unable to attend campus this fall, therefore choosing/entering the virtual or in-person portions of courses?

The modality of each course will be available very soon. An on-campus student can take courses in any format, and students away will have access to at least 84% of courses at Acadia.

If a course is offered in the hybrid format, do we have to choose between either online or in class, or can we switch back and forth?

In most cases, the professors will work out these details with the students in their classes but hybrid will often mean that the course will have both in-person and virtual options, allowing students on campus and virtually to participate fully.

Will our courses still be offered at the same time as they were when we registered? I.e., has the timetable changed?

The timeslots will not change but the timing of each class may be adjusted to allow for safe movement around campus. Please check in the coming days - the course modalities will be available as early as July 10.

Will all the courses have an online option specifically in the sciences?

As it stands, at least 84% of all courses offered by Acadia will be accessible to students off-campus. The way each course will be offered will be available as early as July 10th. If you have concerns about your courses, please do not hesitate to contact your faculty advisor or the professor of the course in question.

With the late fall start, will exams still be taking place before the Christmas break?

Yes, the term will end roughly at the same time as usual. With a shortened fall break in the middle of term, and a slightly later exam period, the term will be similar to a normal term, and we expect that the January term will begin on, and follow, normal dates.

Are you still having the fall break or are you eliminating it?

We will have a slightly shorter fall break so that we can keep the exam timeframe close to the normal dates as possible. But there will be one.

Will labs be also offered virtually for people who are unable to come back to Acadia in the fall? What will this look like?

All course modalities (virtual to in-person) will be posted by July 10. Many professors running courses with labs will be contacting students directly to discuss the format of their courses, and you are always welcome to reach out to professor if you have specific questions.

Are all courses available online for fall semester? (psychology undergraduate)

As it stands, all Psychology courses will be offered online, yes. Specific course modalities will be published very soon.

Wondering if a textbook and course material list can be sent out for each class well in advance, so we can order said materials and make sure we have them in time for course start date for remote leaners (as some websites take upwards of 3 weeks before de

The Library and Bookstore, along with the faculty, are working to ensure students get the materials they need on a timely fashion, whether electronically or on paper. More to come as we get closer to the beginning of term.

In the email that the president of Acadia sent out - it mentioned how for those who are unable to come to campus or for those who feel unsafe to come to campus, all course material will be made online. However, as my understanding from this meeting - some

Not all courses will be offered in every format. However, we are working to ensure all students have a selection of courses they need to advance their degree. Faculty are working hard to offer many courses in a manner that both online and in-person students can participate.

Is there more obligation for a 1st year student athlete on an AFA and Academic/Entrance Scholarships from outside the Maritimes to be physically present?

Please contact your coach to discuss details. Thanks.

Will Tech Services be upgrading their services, perticularly as this semester is heavily dependent on the internet?

Technology Services is developing plans to support increase use of online and remote teaching, as well as access to services.

If there is a second wave and you started out by choosing in-person classes but then don`t feel comfortable with that anymore, can you switch halfway through the semester to online if that course is hybrid? Or is your original choice permanent?

We are planning courses in a manner that would allow for a pivot to 100% online should there be the need to do so.

Will music classes be hybrid, virtual or in person/on campus?

Virtual applied music courses and hybrid music courses.

Will music students have to practice in their rooms?

The Music Department will be reaching out to its students next week.

Only having 84% of the courses available online is contradictory to the original message that was sent out by the Acadia president when they were making the decision around in-person/online/hybrid options. The email stated - an online/remote option will b

Faculty are working very hard to ensure any courses students need to advance their degree are offered in the formats students require. Acadia offers hundreds of courses each term. If you have any issues finding your required courses in the modality of your choosing, please contact the Registrar’s office or your faculty advisor.

How will students declare if they are going to do a course online or attend the in-person sessions?

Course modalities will be available very soon.

Registration and Finances

I was wondering if there was going to be finacial support for off-campus students. I wasn't able to get a job this summer because of COVID, and I'm sure a lot of students are in the same boat.

Please see https://covid-19-information.acadiau.ca/faq.html#finances for more information about financial support.

Will tuition be affected for those students that are not going to attent Acadia in person? What about those that are attending in person and have all of their courses online?

Tuition will be the same regardless of delivery. However, we are taking a look at all campus-related fees and will share with students if any of those change.

When will the 2020-2021 tuition and fees schedule be released?

Currently, there are no changes to tuition and fees but if there are changes, we will certainly communicate them as soon as possible.

How are the fees going to be? Is it going to be cheaper online?

Courses will be the same tuition regardless of format.

Health, Wellness, and COVID-19

What is the action plan in the instance that we see the emergence of a second wave of Sars-Cov-2 in Nova Scotia?

While we still have not had an outbreak of COVID-19 at Acadia, we are planning for the very real possibility of outbreaks in our region and in our community in the future. We are working with public health and third-party medical specialist to design protocols, which include everything from public health guidelines education to isolation protocols, and how we support the province in contact tracing and testing in the event of an outbreak. Certainly, we will be sharing more details to come in the coming weeks.

Will students be required to wear masks on campus?

Acadia will follow the advice and requirements of the NS Public Health authorities, and we are looking into sourcing masks for students, faculty and staff.

You will be expected to wear a non-medical mask on campus when social distancing is not possible, whether indoors or outdoors, unless you are unable due to medical reasons.

What measures are in place for student's mental wellbeing - as isolation can increase anxieties and depression, and other things? Will mental health services also be available to remote learners who are learning how to successfully complete coursework dur

Yes, our Student Counselling Centre moved entirely online at the onset of the pandemic and students have been very happy with the service. Whether you are on campus or online, we will have access to the services included in your tuition and fees.

Is the Athletics Complex going to be open?

Acadia Athletics has posted about this topic early last week. Please see their update here.

Will ASU clubs still be able to run?

Yes, absolutely. The ASU is working to ensure clubs continue to be an integral part of student life. Clubs will be required to follow public service regulations until further notice.

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