Maintenance extended until 7:00pm

Thank you for your patience

4:15pm - Resolving issues

1:00pm - Verification testing

8:30am - Code configurations

8:30am - Page group import complete

8:00am - Importing page groups

7:45am - Verifying providers

7:45am - Providers registered

7:15am - Registering providers

7:00am - Compiling code

Saturday morning - Resume portal configuration

10:45pm - Compiling code

10:30pm - Configuring grants and permissions

10:20pm - User and group import complete

10:05pm - User import in progress

10:00pm - Database import complete

9:15pm - Database import in progress

9:15pm - User and group export complete

9:00pm - Database export complete

8:15pm - Start exported data copy to production

7:15pm - Database export in progress

6:15pm - Database export in progress

5:00pm - Acadia Central taken offline

Friday - work scheduled to begin at 5:00pm