Safety and Security

Asbestos Management Program

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was frequently used in older construction materials. It is commonly found in floor tiles, thermal insulation, ceiling tiles, wallboard, and other construction materials that were used before the early 1980s.

If asbestos-containing materials are disturbed, asbestos fibres may become airborne and can then pose a potentially serious health hazard. As many of Acadia's buildings were constructed before the harmful effects of asbestos were known, asbestos-containing materials were quite commonly installed in many of those buildings.

Acadia University recognizes the health concerns associated with airborne asbestos and has taken precautions to manage and control the risk. In many cases, asbestos containing materials have been removed from our buildings. Where asbestos does remain, active steps are being taken to ensure that no one is exposed to harmful asbestos fibres.

If you have any questions regarding the management of asbestos in campus buildings, contact Marcel Falkenham (Facilities) at 585-1839.