Safety and Security

Health and Safety Immunization Recommendations for New and Existing Employees

Welcome to the Acadia University family. Here at Acadia, we embrace campus health and safety as a priority. On- and off-campus, we encounter a variety of individuals with varying degrees of health concerns and vulnerabilities. As an employee who will be living and interacting with others around you, we recommend that you follow up with a health care provider to ensure your immunizations are current. You can do this through your local Public Health Unit, or locally in Wolfville at 902-542-6310. They will assess your current vaccinations (PDF) and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for looking out for the wellbeing of not only our campus community, but your neighbours and other community members as well.

A medical professional in a lab coat uses a needle to vaccinate a smiling woman. Image courtesy of the CDC Public Health Image Library.


Occupational Health and Safety
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