Dr. Peter J. Ricketts,
President and Vice-Chancellor

From the President's Desk

As we settle into the start of term, I want to express my appreciation to each of you for being here as part of the Acadia community. Nothing seems easy during a global pandemic - travelling to campus, shifting from in-person to remote learning and working, and navigating health directives. Even gathering with family and friends requires vigilance. Without a doubt, these are challenging times.

University Hall and nearby streetlamps glowing on a winter night after a fresh snowfall.

Dear colleagues,

Through the dedication, hard work, and creativity of faculty and staff across our campus, supported by the collective commitment of students and the broader Acadia community to protect themselves and one another, together we have made our campus home a safe place to live, work, and learn through the pandemic to date.

We must sustain our commitment and vigilance a little longer as we enter what we all hope will be the end phase of the pandemic and the eventual return of many of the activities that make Acadia special for us all – students, employees, alumni, and community.


I am delighted to present the Report of the President’s Anti-Racism Task Force (PART) and my official response. The publication of these two documents does not end the work that the PART has initiated. It marks the beginning of the work that we need to do as an institution to address racism on our campus and ensure that anti-racism is a critical part of our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives on campus.

As we complete another academic year working through the challenges presented by the pandemic, thank you for your continued work as a community committed to individual and collective health and safety. As a university community, we have been enormously successful in keeping COVID-19 out of our campus and, more recently, containing any spread because of the new wave of infection.

I can’t thank you enough for all of the work you have done to that ensure our approach worked so well. However, as the COVID-19 virus mutates and changes as the pandemic evolves, so must we adapt our approach to those changing circumstances.

This week, we have seen the relentlessness of COVID-19 and its variants and how pandemics play out globally. However, we have also witnessed the strength of the Acadia community.

We have worked together to successfully protect our campus from the spread of COVID-19 throughout this past year.  And, thankfully, this latest surge has touched very few in our community.