Dr. Peter J. Ricketts,
President and Vice-Chancellor

General Assembly

The General Assembly serves to recognize those marking the special career milestones of 10, 25, and 35 years of service, and retirement in 2021. The dedication and contributions of those listed have enriched the Acadia University Community.


Please note every year some honourees ask not to be recognized.

Barb Anderson

School of Nutrition and Dietetics

Barb’s Acadia experience began as a student, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics in 1977. She entered the workforce and enjoyed a 30-year career in the Public Health sector continuing to maintain her Acadia connection working part-time as a faculty member during the ‘90’s in the School of Nutrition and Dietetics. She was awarded the Dietitians of Canada Fellow in 1998 (FDC) for her professional contributions and career achievements in dietetics.

In 2009 Barb was excited to return to campus accepting a full-time role as the Director of the School of Nutrition and Dietetics. The role provided an opportunity to work with talented faculty and staff in the School, become involved in campus committees (especially WISE Acadia and WGST), and support the learning of students in the program. She received an ASU teaching Award in 2010. Always active and involved, she continued with research in food security and became engaged in the Wolfville community, especially with the Wolfville Farmers’ Market.

Barb has lots of retirement plans that include a variety of activities and adventures. When restrictions allow, she’ll travel with her husband, Norm. As a new grandparent a visit to Boston is a priority to spend time with her granddaughter, Sage, who arrived in May 2021. She would also like to take courses in history, read from her pile of books, visit with family and friends, add to her cookbook collection, and try new recipes. She’ll continue her daily walks and volunteer activities that contribute to her community.

Congratulations Barb!

Wendy Coxhead

Student Accounts

Wendy joined the Acadia community 25 years ago and has worked in various offices on campus including the Business Office, Telecommunications and Student Accounts. Wendy grew up in Kentville and came to Acadia for a work experience while completing her studies at Kingstec. Like so many who come to campus short-term, Wendy’s on-the-job training turned into a career.

Wendy found her time on campus very enjoyable, and she was able to make many lifelong friends. She especially liked her position in Student Accounts; meeting and getting to know students and families was interesting and rewarding.

Wendy will miss the co-workers she interacted with daily, along with walking across the beautiful campus. She is planning to spend lots of time with her grandchildren who live in Halifax and Alberta, travelling to see them when the pandemic eases. In the meantime, she has been exploring the nooks and crannies of Nova Scotia, especially beaches and waterfalls.

Congratulations Wendy!

Steve Anastasios Hassapis

Student Services

Steve first arrived on campus as a student athlete, recruited by Coach Sonny Wolfe to play Axemen Football, in August 1984.

Steve’s reliable, steady presence worked very well for the almost 30 years he spent in Student Services dealing with judicial cases. His even keel personality, logical problem-solving ability and the care he had for students assisted in correcting behaviours that resulted in a meeting with Steve.

Steve is also remembered for his involvement and creation of the Cheaton Cup. A long time rivalry existed between Eaton and Chipman House and as the head of both houses Steve proposed a hockey game to channel the negative energy. The first game in 1996 was a disaster with an overwhelming amount of students but raised $1,000 towards feeding those in need in the Wolfville area.

Steve’s passion for family was always evident and indeed is the foundation for his approach to work and life. We are fortunate that he treated students and colleagues alike as part of his family throughout his career and approached each day with a commitment to helping others.

Congratulations Steve!

James MacLeod

School of Recreation Management and Kinesiology

Jim arrived at Acadia in 1981 for a nine-month term appointment as the Head Athletic Therapist and a lecturer in the School of Recreation and Physical Education. The following year he was appointed as a tenure track faculty member, and he achieved his Full Professorship in 1995. His retirement this year marks 40 years of leadership and service.

Jim earned his BPE in 1975 from the University of Calgary, MSc in 1985 from Indiana State University and his PhD from the University of Alberta in 1995.  He has twice been to the Olympics (1992 and 2000) and once to the Paralympics (1988) as Canada’s Chief Athletic Therapist. It was at the 1988 games where he had his greatest professional contribution by setting up Canada’s first sport medical approach to Paralympians, an athlete-centred philosophy that has since been adopted by many other countries around the world.

Jim took great pleasure watching his students work with athletes as well as keeping our varsity athletes healthy and well prepared to play their best. It is no wonder Jim has earned a number of awards and accolades from his students, players, and colleagues. He received the School of Kinesiology Outstanding Teacher Award in 2005, 2015, and 2021, and the Acadia Players’ Association Spirit Award in 2009. He was also inducted into the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association’s Hall of Fame in 2005. Students in the Sport Injury Assessment and Management program within Kinesiology (SIAM, now called “Athletic Therapy Option”) set up a scholarship in Jim’s name.  The Athletics Department named the varsity athletes therapy clinic, the Dr. Jim MacLeod Athletic Therapy Clinic.  In May 2021, Jim was appointed Professor Emeritus at Acadia University.

In retirement Jim will take some time to reflect and relax and look into doing something that will assist others.

Congratulations, Jim!

Shelley McMullin

Co-Operative Education

Shelley McMullin’s first exposure to campus was completing a work placement while at the vocational school (now NSCC – Kingstec campus). Over her 34-year career on campus she has worked for Physical Plant Services, School of Education, Student Employment Centre/Career Services and Co-Operative Education, spending lots of time nurturing and guiding students along the way.

Shelley learned early how much of an impact we have on students and how important it is to be that "smiling face" and "listening ear" when they need it the most. For many students Acadia is the first time away from home and they are dealing with many "firsts"; gentle encouragement is key. Shelley especially enjoyed working with and guiding students. Realizing the impact that she had on students was a "lightbulb" moment.   It guided her in her role as a Co-op Coordinator where she strived to be a positive role model for students while preparing them for their entry into the professional arena.

Shelley would sum up her time at Acadia as a wonderful experience. Working and engaging with the most dedicated, kind, and caring people. She will miss all the students, faculty, and staff she worked with every day, especially her co-op colleagues who are like a second family. A fond memory that stands out happened shortly after her son was born in 1990 and she had to return to work before he was even 6 months old (maternity leave was very short back then)! She was working in the School of Education with some really amazing people and when they saw how she was struggling to get through her first day back, they called her son's father and had him bring the baby to the School of Education for the afternoon. Shelley reflected on the moment forever being in her mind; it speaks to the Acadia family that she has been a part of for 34 years.

In retirement Shelley will be spending lots of time with her new grandson, born in May 2021.  She has an endless list of projects for her Coldbrook home and travel plans to visit friends in Cuba.

Congratulations Shelley!

Rod Morrison

Vice-President, Advancement

Originally from Ontario, Rod began his time on campus in 2012 when he accepted the Vice-President Advancement position.

Rod describes his Acadia experience as one of the most challenging and rewarding positions of his career.  Prior to Acadia, he had spent a decade in the health sector before moving to the education sector when he joined McMaster University as part of the Advancement team.  When the opportunity arose at Acadia, he was a seasoned advancement leader and stepped into the challenge of building our program with limited resources.  For over eight years, he and his team worked to enhance relationships and community connections, broaden the alumni program, host events around the world, and attract major new financial support for the University.

Rod will miss the people he has worked with on a wide variety of projects; in particular, his Advancement colleagues and the leadership team.  One moment that stands out for Rod is the first meeting of the Campaign for Acadia Cabinet. The Cabinet engaged with Acadia's President and leadership team, faculty, staff, students, and an exceptional and committed group of alumni volunteers from around the world. Thanks to the work of a dedicated Campaign Cabinet, and the outstanding organizational and relationship-building abilities of the Advancement team, the whole Acadia community came together to significantly exceed the Campaign’s ambitious target and strengthen the University's future.

Upon his retirement in March and amidst the pandemic, Rod and his wife Lynda moved back to Ontario. They plan to spend much more time with family and friends, and, once restrictions are lifted, they will make travel plans.

Congratulations, Rod!

Delores Spencer

Financial Services - Accounts Payable

Delores Spencer is originally from Overton, Yarmouth County, and has fond memories of growing up in the country near the ocean. While growing up Delores moved around the country as her dad was in the military. The family spent time in Edmonton, Halifax, several places in Ontario, and finally settled in Wolfville, where she met her husband John while attending Wolfville High School. She has two children, four grandchildren and one great grandchild, and has been happily married for 54 years!

After graduating from Vocational School (now NSCC) she obtained an office position at R.W. DeWolfe Apple Exporters and Whidden’s Esso Fuels. In May of 1978, Delores joined the Business Office at Acadia, becoming part of a small team of long serving, dedicated staff in Accounts Payable. Delores has been a diligent and reliable worker, cheerfully assisting staff daily with their many questions and concerns.

Delores will miss the routine of going to work daily and interacting with her co-workers; she has spent the past 43 years in accounts payable in the same office with a beautiful view of the Chapel. She has seen many changes in the office environment during her tenure - daily cheque requests were handwritten in ledgers when she first arrived. She says the best purchase made in the business office was a laser printer for cheques and a new computer for data entry! Delores would like to express her thankfulness for all the kindness and patience she has received from her colleagues throughout her years at Acadia.

Delores enjoys spending time relaxing at their cottage on Aylesford Lake. She also enjoys reading, gardening and baking, and is looking forward to visiting family and friends in beautiful Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Congratulations Delores!

Elizabeth Sloan

Vaughan Memorial Library

Elizabeth (Liz) hails from Wolfville and graduated from Acadia in 1982 with a BA in Sociology.  She chose Acadia for her studies as it was familiar and convenient to her, having grown up in the area.

After graduation Liz began work in the Vaughan Memorial Library and spent the next 34 years in various positions learning the importance of teamwork, adaptability, and flexibility within the office environment.  Liz was the “go-to” for Serials and Government Documents, and facilitated the binding of theses and books.  She spent time in Special Collections, Interlibrary Loans, and the Access Desk. She was also an expert on book repair and, now that she has retired, still repairs books for her family.

Her wonderful colleagues over the years have made for a positive and enjoyable career in the library. She loved decorating the unit for the holidays, and staff will miss her festive contributions; we all enjoyed her Hallowe’en coffins and Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Liz has recently moved to a rural life, settling into a new home on a lake. She plans to enjoy her retirement by embracing a quiet lifestyle in a beautiful setting.

Congratulations Liz!

Colleen Swail

Event Services

Colleen saw an Acadia employment ad in the Chronicle-Herald and then spent six months going to interviews.  That hurdle met, she spent almost 17 years on campus and thoroughly enjoyed her work experience.  Colleen came from a hotel background in reservations and event coordination and was able to incorporate her hotel experience into her Acadia position.  She found supportive staff members and the many clients she had the pleasure of dealing with over the years made her time at Acadia pleasurable.

Colleen will miss all the incredible people she has had the opportunity to work with--the brides, grooms, parents, corporate executives, executive assistants, professional and amateur entertainers, and community volunteers.  All brought a different perspective to the job that was enjoyable and always challenging.

Colleen’s retirement plans include playing lots of golf around Nova Scotia and the Atlantic region.  Once the pandemic restrictions ease, she intends to spend her winters golfing in Florida and in between she hopes to travel the globe.

Congratulations Colleen!

Johanna teBogt

Financial Services — Accounts Payable

Joanne began her Acadia career after graduating from Kings Vocational School.  She submitted an application for potential employment and within days was working on campus and remarkably continued to do so for the next 46 years.

As you can imagine, over the years office infrastructure has changed greatly.  When Joanne started work she used a typewriter in the accounts payable department, over time she adapted to many different computer systems.

Many staff have interacted with Joanne through her processing of travel claims and know her to be patient, helpful and professional.  Her expertise, institutional knowledge and extreme patience in explaining and re-explaining financial practices will be missed by all our staff.

Joanne has enjoyed her time on campus and feels Acadia is a great university.  She would recommend future students telling them it has a lot to offer and provides a strong sense of community along with great school spirit.

She will miss her daily social interactions with business office colleagues, which she has gained a close relationship with over the years.

Joanne plans to rest and take it easy in retirement but hopes to do some travelling soon.  She would like to see a Broadway show and return to Amsterdam to visit the museums.

Congratulations Joanne!


Debbie Thompson

Vaughan Memorial Library

Debbie has worked in the Vaughan Memorial Library in various positions for over 31 years. She applied for this full-time position, not realizing she would spend her entire career at Acadia. She remembers being so excited after her first day of work; everyone was welcoming and helpful and she knew she had made the right choice. Debbie has enjoyed her time in the Library; a great place to work with the bustle of class changes, the exuberance of youth, and diligent co-workers. Having worked in Access Services, Special Collections, Research Services, and Facilities, there was always something new to learn, something useful to contribute and feel valued for.

A great memory of her time on campus happened one dark, snowy Saturday morning. Debbie fell and broke her wrist on her way to open the Library. The campus was deserted, except for one young man who came to her rescue. He helped her stand up, carried her bags, walked her to the door and got her in the building. He even offered to call his mother because she was a nurse. That sums up Acadia—caring, helpful people!

Debbie WON’T miss the alarm clock every morning or days when the end of the driveway needs to be shoveled in time to get to work. She WON’T miss planning packed lunches or what to wear, day in and day out. She WILL miss the laughter and comradery with her colleagues and the satisfaction of accomplishments, things that bring appreciation and happiness to our all-important students.

Debbie feels it has been a privilege and a pleasure to work at Acadia. In her retirement she hopes to see more of Canada! She will also do lots of reading, crafting, part-time working, and volunteering.

Congratulations Deb!


Andre Trudel

Jodrey School of Computer Science

Originally from Welland, Ontario, it was a teaching position that attracted André to Acadia more than 31 years ago. Acadia’s rural location provided André with the perfect combination of a faculty position with easy access to the great outdoors. André has filled many roles at Acadia over the past three decades, including a term as Director of the School. It was during his term as Director that he was instrumental in the creation of the School’s Advisory Board and oversaw some of the largest enrolments in computer science during the dot.com boom and the double-cohort from Ontario. André was responsible for the creation of the world’s first e-commerce specialization, which was offered at Acadia for a number of years. He spent many years as the graduate coordinator and revamped the first-year teaching classes to introduce new programming languages, all while conducting research.

André enjoyed coming to work most every day and interacting with students. It was not uncommon to see students in his office getting one-on-one help with their programs. André loved to see students succeed and was more than willing to help any student who asked.

André’s love for the outdoors resulted in much time being spent hunting, fishing, and working with his English Springer Spaniel field trial dogs. While many of André’s students knew of his love for dogs (he had a painting of his dog in his office), what many didn’t know is that André has been named the top amateur field trial handlers in Canada multiple times and has had several dogs named the top field trial dog in Canada.

While André will miss international travel to attend conferences and working with students, he plans on spending his retirement traveling to English Springer Spaniel field trials across North America and working with his dogs (of which he has many). One could say that he is trading a class of students for a class of spaniels!

Congratulations André!

Ann Vibert

School of Education

Ann grew up in Truro, Nova Scotia, and came to campus as an undergrad in 1971.  While exploring maritime universities with a friend she decided she liked Acadia the best; it was the most beautiful and had a strong academic reputation.  Upon graduation in 1974 with a BA in English, she continued her studies, achieving her PhD from the University of New Hampshire in 1990.

In 2003, after teaching at the University level for several years, Ann was looking for a change.  She was pleased with the reputation Acadia’s School of Education had in the province and the strong sense of community felt in Wolfville, and she already had close and admired colleagues on campus.  It turned out to be a good fit that lasted for the next 18 years.

Ann’s Acadia career has been memorable, working across all sectors of student, staff and faculty.  She took on two academic administrative positions, one as Director of the School of Education and then as Acting Dean of Professional Studies.  Though challenging she discovered a great deal about herself, working with others and discovering leadership as a form of service.  Ann has been genuinely touched by the culture of kindness, support, friendship, and helpfulness on campus.

Ann will miss her close staff, dean, director and faculty friends.  She will also miss one of the things that inspired her to attend Acadia 50 years ago, walks across campus with such inspiring views - especially during the Autumn.  She will not miss the meetings!

Ann plans to continue part-time teaching and looks forward to having more time to focus on the teaching aspect.  She is interested in becoming more of an activist, especially around environmental/ecological issues.  She has plans to travel when it is safe to do so and looks forward to spending time playing with her grandkids.

Congratulations Ann!

Glenn Wooden

Acadia Divinity College

Glenn grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick and enrolled at Atlantic Baptist College in Moncton after completing Grade 12. He continued studies at Mount Allison University achieving a BA Honours in Greek in 1981. He is also an alumnus of Acadia (’84, ’86) and it was while completing his MDIV at ADC that he was asked to teach biblical languages part-time. He continued his studies in the early 90’s earning a masters from Dal in Library and Information Studies and a PhD from St. Andrews University. Glenn returned to ADC in 1993 to teach and serve as the theology librarian.

Glenn has found it a pleasure to work with so many dedicated faculty and staff over many years as a student, part-time lecturer, and full-time professor. He has worked with wonderful colleagues at the Divinity College, in the library and on university committees. He has had the privilege of helping many students learn the basics of biblical languages, guiding them in their learning and supervising research. The size of our student body and the ratio of students to professors makes learning much richer than in larger settings.

In retirement Glenn plans to continue lecturing and guiding thesis research on a part-time basis, both in Wolfville and in majority world settings where he can volunteer his time. He will spend time working on projects at home and the cottage, pursue his hobbies studying microorganisms in ponds and the tidal zone of the Minas Basin and developing his guitar skills.

Congratulations Glenn!


35 Years of Service

  • Heather Hemming, School of Education

25 Years of Service

  • Wendy Coxhead, Financial Services
  • Ann Dodge, Kinesiology
  • Gregory MacKinnon, School of Education
  • Patricia Rigg, English & Theatre

10 Years of Service

  • Eveline Deshiffart, Acadia Divinity College
  • Michelle Boyd, School of Music
  • Mark Mallory, Biology
  • Steve McMullin, Acadia Divinity College
  • Catherine Morley, Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Ashley Parsons, Chemistry
  • Fred Sgambati, Advancement
  • Helen Tidcombe, Registrar's Office

Acadia Alumni Outstanding University Service Award

Human Resources Manager Jennifer Veinot is the epitome of skill, kindness and customer service, a consummate professional who makes current staff and faculty, potential employees and new hires feel comfortable and a key part of the team at Acadia.

Her career has been characterized by an unparalleled personal approach to human resource management that has shaped the foundation of Acadia’s success, and a big reason why Jennifer is this year’s Acadia Alumni Outstanding University Service Award recipient.

Read our Alumni News feature on Jennifer's award.