Christopher Callbeck,
Vice-President, Finance and
Administration and CFO


It is my pleasure to be working at my alma mater as Vice-President Finance and Administration. Along with my colleagues, this Office holds responsibility for the administration of human resources and business affairs at Acadia University, including many services that affect students such as dining, information technology, security, athletics and recreation, as well as buildings and grounds. Our collective goal is to enhance the University community.

Acadia is one of Canada's oldest universities with one of the country's best reputations for academic excellence. Perhaps even more striking, I know first-hand the kind of magic that takes place when a student first steps onto our campus and joins the Acadia family – they become an integral part of something bigger than themselves.

It is my commitment to ensure that tradition continues and is reflected in the facilities and programs we provide to every member of our campus community.

Welcome home.

Christopher Callbeck

Vice-President, Finance and Administration and CFO