The Planning Process

Student success and building resources

2019/20 - 2020/21
Priority Goals:
  • Transformational student experiences focused on academic and personal success

  • Achieve optimal rates of student enrolment to ensure institutional and campus community sustainability

  • Embrace a 21st-century liberal education model that is central to Acadia’s vision and mission

  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability are signature institutional features of Acadia University

  • Msit No’kmaq - advancing Acadia’s contributions to truth, reconciliation and decolonisation

Building and sustaining

2021/22 – 2022/23
Mid-plan review June 2022
Priority Goals:
  • Enhanced support for teaching and learning excellence

  • New partnerships and collaboration to drive regional development and educational opportunities

  • Determine a date for and make measurable progress towards achieving net carbon neutrality

Investing for the future

2023/24 – 2024/25
Priority Goals:
  • Enhance infrastructure renewal and campus development to meet priority needs and reduce our accumulated deferred maintenance deficit

  • Establish a culture of sustained fundraising and giving

  • Acadia’s research activities and outcomes are known regionally, nationally and globally

Incremental Goals:

• An inclusive and supportive community campus culture

• A campus culture passionate about professionalism, inclusion, service excellence, and leadership

• Caring for our community health and wellness

• Acadia recognized for leadership and impact in rural and coastal research and innovation