Our place in higher education

Based on our consultations, Acadia’s mission, vision and values statements have been nuanced and updated to create strategic statements for Acadia 2025. Although updated, they remain true to the reasons why the institution was founded more than 182 years ago.


Acadia University is the top choice for students seeking a transformative university experience dedicated to unleashing their potential to prepare them for a transforming world.


Acadia University provides an unparalleled learning experience through a liberal education model based on personalized attention, expanding the boundaries of knowledge, experiential learning, community engagement, environmental stewardship and global citizenship, and engaged research and innovation delivered by a passionate, dedicated, and nurturing community within a beautiful and historic campus environment.


Acadia’s values help define who we are and guide our aspirations for the future. They provide the foundation of our new strategic plan.

  • Caring for our students
  • Educating the whole person
  • Critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and technological competence
  • Global citizenship and responsibility
  • Passionate community engagement
  • Diversity, inclusivity, equity, and respect
  • Excellence in academic, research, scholarly, professional, and personal achievement
  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability
  • Truth and reconciliation with indigenous peoples of Canada
  • Social justice, human rights the common good
  • Engaged partnerships and outreach for regional development
  • Authentic relationships with community and alumni
  • Responsible management and allocation of resources