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This event included an in-depth interview and discussion that allowed participants an intimate look at the life and story of Mr. Len Hawley, the voice of the Acadia Axemen hockey team. Len was up close and personal to tell tales, answer questions and give his signature flair to eventgoers.

A panel discussion that explored the theme of 'The Economics of a Pandemic'.

A discussion exploring the theme of COVID-19's connection to physical wellness.

What is the best way to start a conversation when you have been paired with a mentor/mentee? How does networking help you in your potential career? What are other ways of networking? What do you do if you are struggling to find conversation topics? What is the difference between networking and mentoring? Discussing the merits of networking through the Acadia Café, fuelled by Ten Thousand Coffees. Panelists include dMs. Michelle Larsen (’99), Manager of Co-operative Education at Acadia; Mr. Matt Rios (’14), Vice-President of the Alumni Association and Public Sector Consultant with Davis Pier Consulting; Mr. Max Abu-Laban, a senior student; and moderated by Ms. Oonagh Proudfoot (’93, ’06), Manager, Alumni Affairs (Acting) bringing a variety of perspectives to the conversation.

While some readers argue that the iconic Anne capitulates to the social dictates around her, others have regarded her as a feminist figure, breaking new ground for girls and women. This talk shows how L. M. Montgomery subtly rewrites traditional stories to allow Anne to have agency while not isolating her from her community. About the Speaker: Laura Robinson ('88), Dean of Arts, is a longstanding L. M. Montgomery scholar who is currently editing a collection of essays on Montgomery and gender.

This talk featured Acadia alumna Dr. Suzie Currie (’91, Dean of Pure and Applied Science).

A panel discussion that explored the theme of 'Wellness in a Time of Isolation'.