Virtual Event | Has climate change driven human history? Lessons from the past for a climate future

June 21, 2021 (7:00 pm - 8:00 pm)

Location: Virtual Event

Climate change is prominent in news media today, often described as the issue of the 21st century. Thirty years into this global experiment, what do we know about the effects of changing climates? This event will review how climate has changed in the past, and its effects on the environment and on human history. How does anthropogenic climate change compare to the events that led to the melting of the icecaps, the extinction of the mega-fauna, the beginning of agriculture and the development of civilization? Can we learn from what happened in the past 10,000 years about what we can expect in the future?

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Speaker bio - Dr. Rob Raeside

Rob Raeside is head of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Acadia University. He first studied climate issues as a student of geography at Aberdeen University before switching majors into geology. He completed graduate degrees in geology at Queen’s University and the University of Calgary before coming to Acadia, where he has taught courses in Tectonics, Mineralogy and Atmosphere, Weather and Climate for nearly four decades.

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