Walk Home For Homecoming Club

May 26, 2021 - October 16, 2021

Socially distant, safe exercise and getting outside is a great way to contribute to your overall wellness during the pandemic. With that in mind, and by observing health and safety protocols in your region, we encourage all #AcadiaU alumni to ‘Walk Home For Homecoming’ by setting distance goals for the lead-up to Homecoming Weekend with the idea that each person determines how many kilometres there are between your home and Acadia and aims to complete that distance. Of course, those who live close by are encouraged to keep going! Every time a participant travels 20 kilometres and documents it on our Alumni Walking Club Facebook group page, their name will be entered in a draw for an Apple Watch. The prizewinner will be selected randomly on Homecoming Weekend in October. Decals and stickers will be sent out to all those who participate in this initiative, proudly showcasing the Acadia brand and declaring, “I Walked Home For Homecoming”. We encourage all levels of fitness and ability to participate, and ask alumni to share stories, photos and kilometres travelled throughout your journey over the next several months in our Facebook group. Stand Up and Cheer!  

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