In the midst of our new reality of virtual connectedness, it’s more important than ever to put yourself out there - or lend a helping hand. Many students are feeling lost and unsure, are less busy than usual, and seeking more human contact amidst COVID-19.

The Acadia Alumni Association, in cooperation with The Athenaeum, is proud to announce that Clinton, Ontario native Liam Maaskant (’19) is the recipient of the Student of the Year Award for 2020.

To honour her sacrifice and commemorate her remarkable personal and professional achievements, Acadia University has established the Constable Heidi Stevenson Memorial Award.

At first, the mass retreat into self-isolation was almost welcomed, a much-needed pause in lives that have been stuck on fast-forward. You’d have a chance to do some reading, catch up on your favourite TV shows and Netflix series, engage in some self-reflection, and maybe get some exercise on the treadmill that’s been gathering dust in your rec room.

We are excited to announce our new virtual events schedule! Featuring faculty, staff and members of our alumni community, these events aim to provide insight into the important work being done on campus and shine a light on the many avenues of endeavour that characterize the diverse skill set of our outstanding alumni.

Recent business graduate, former Axemen basketball player and founder of ‘Save Me Save We’, Junior Moaku (’19) has been using his time in isolation during the pandemic to offer mental health support. Learn more about him and ‘Save Me Save We’ in this conversation with Wendy Elliott (’75).

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