A banner tale!

At Acadia, each graduating class designs a large banner that is displayed in one of the many buildings on campus. Norma MacLean graduated in 1947. At her graduation, it was stated that at the 25th year Alumni Reunion, the first person in the class to have twins would receive the banner!

That was very unusual, as these banners are considered property of the University.

When Norma went to the reunion, it turns out she was the first person to have twins – Peter and David Flewwelling – so she got the banner!  The other person (in the photo) holding the banner also had twins, but they were younger so Norma got to keep it!

Norma’s daughter, Barbara Flewwelling, attended Acadia from 1978 to 1981. She hung the banner in her room at Chase Court and in her off-campus apartment on Summer Street.

When Barb graduated, she gave the banner back to the University because it did not seem right to keep it, but she enjoyed having it while she was at Acadia!

Story submitted by Barb Flewwelling (BA, ’81)

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