Let’s Get Creative - Connect Virtually with Students at the Acadia Café!

In the midst of our new reality of virtual connectedness, it’s more important than ever to put yourself out there - or lend a helping hand. Many students are feeling lost and unsure, are less busy than usual, and seeking more human contact amidst COVID-19. Graduating students in particular are looking for your support to be career-ready at this time of uncertainty.

This year’s graduating class did not get a chance to attend convocation this May as we adjusted to the COVID-19 crisis, but we know they can rely on your support for guidance and growth for their future. The Acadia Café is a virtual networking platform that provides a way for you to connect with them directly to offer your ear and your advice.

How does it work?

Visit www.tenthousandcoffees.com/schools/acadiau to sign up. It’s free and takes two minutes!

By building a full profile of your education and experience, each month you will be matched with a student/new graduate who has a related degree or career goal

New feature: By popular request, you can choose specifically who you wish to be matched with (i.e. new and potential graduates).

Virtually connect with your match on the phone, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or your preferred conferencing tool at a time of your choice.

Acadia students and new graduates greatly appreciate your support! The next e-introduction happens the last week of May!

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