Message from the President concerning Hurricane Dorian

To all members of our alumni community,

A message from Acadia University President, Dr. Peter Ricketts, regarding the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian on The Bahamas and elsewhere.

Dear Students, Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great sadness and concern that we have all watched the devastating impacts of Hurricane Dorian as it passed across The Bahamas. News images and reports depict a toll of devastation in the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama, which are the two areas of northwestern Bahamas where the eye of the storm made landfall. Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is calling the devastation "unprecedented and extensive."

I want to take this opportunity to express deep concern and support for our many Bahamian students, who constitute such a vibrant and important part of our Acadia family. Please know that we are here to support you in any way we can. I also want to express our concern and support for our many alumni living in the Bahamas who have been affected by this enormous storm and who will be dealing with its aftermath for a considerable period of time.

I urge everyone at Acadia to reach out to our students from the Bahamas to show that you care and offer support. Of course, Hurricane Dorian is not done yet, and although it has reduced in intensity as it starts to move away from The Bahamas, it is still bearing down on the southeastern seaboard of the United States. To our American students from Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and from the eastern seaboard in general, I hope that the impacts of the storm are minimized as it makes its way north. Currently the storm is tracking toward Nova Scotia, and while it will be considerably reduced in strength, we may also feel the direct effects of Dorian this coming weekend.

This is a time to demonstrate the closeness of our Acadian community, and to show our support and concern for our students and employees from affected areas, especially at this moment for our Bahamian students and staff. I hope that the impacts on your family and friends have been minimal, but knowing how close the Bahamian people are, you will all be feeling personal loss and grief regardless.

Please ensure you seek out the assistance you need to help you through this difficult time, and know that your Acadia family is with you in your time of need. If you need any form of support, please do not hesitate to contact our Counselling Centre at or the Wong International Centre at

With my best wishes to you all,


Dr. Peter Ricketts, President and Vice-Chancellor



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