New Alumni Association Board constituted

The Acadia Alumni Association constituted a new Board of Directors on May 12, 2018 at its Annual General Meeting in the Wu Welcome Centre at Alumni Hall. After the meeting, during which members ratified Constitutional amendments among other business, the group posed for a photo outside that included: President Ryan Conrod (’06); Vice-President, Donalda MacBeath (’75); and directors David Davidson (’81); Tammy Walker (’92); Past President Geoff Irvine (’87); Hilary Arenburg Gobien (’12); Marian Reid (’85); Fred Gilbert (’65); Ted Upshaw (’80); Heather Hickman (’77); Leah McNally (’07); and Kyle Power (’13). Additional Board members, not in the photo, are: Matt Rios (’14); Tony Stewart (’72); Rebecca Carr (’15); Malcolm Smith (’76); Lisa Peck (’85); Barry Taylor (’80); Stephanie Reid (’05); Greg Young (’93); Regan Trask (’18, ex-officio); and Olivia Bryant (’19, ex-officio).

(Photo: Oonagh Proudfoot)

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