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With education costs on the rise, enhancing student assistance is a top priority for Acadia. Each year, we award more than $4 million to students in the form of scholarships, scholar-bursaries, bursaries, awards, and prizes. By maintaining a strong scholarship and financial assistance program, we are able to attract, retain and support our students.

As a donor to scholarships and financial assistance, you can direct your gift toward: general award funds or awards for specific departments, faculties, research, or athletic teams; any existing named awards; or you can create a personal legacy by establishing a named award yourself. By supporting scholarships and financial assistance, you can help to ensure access to all of the rewards of an Acadia education.

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Daniel and Christine MacAskill Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science

Established in 2018 in memory of Daniel and Christine MacAskill, these bursaries are available to full-time science majors at the undergraduate or graduate level, domestic or international students. Daniel and Christine MacAskill were from Breton Cove in Cape Breton. Christine was a school teacher and Daniel was a fisherman.

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Daniel Rogers Fund


The Daniel Rogers Fund. A gift by Mr. Daniel Rogers of Springhill provides $80 to be used to assist needy and deserving students.

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David and Ruth Anne (Morse) Nicholson Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Professional Studies, Pure and Applied Science, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry

Established in 2020 by alumni David and Ruth Anne (Morse) Nicholson, this bursary is available to students majoring in Biology, Business, or Chemistry in recognition of financial need. The bursary will be granted to a student in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science and the F.C. Manning School of Business in alternating years. Each bursary will be valued annually based on investment returns and the recommendation of the Board of Governors’ Investment Committee.

Ruth Anne Morse, daughter of professor Dr. Norman Morse (’40,’42), met David Nicholson at Acadia while she was studying science and he, business. David received a Bachelor of Commerce in 1965 and Ruth Anne a Bachelor of Science in 1966. After their marriage in the Acadia Chapel in 1967, they resided in Ontario, David’s home province, where David continued his studies and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1968. Having raised their family and operated a business for thirty years in Ontario, they retired to Nova Scotia in 2000. With her long-standing family ties and their fond memories and appreciation of the unique Acadia environment, Ruth Anne and David wish to give back to the university in the form of this bursary.

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David Ritcey and Judith A. Dunbar Bursary


The David Ritcey and Judith A. Dunbar Bursary, established in 2018 by David Ritcey (BA Political Science, Acadia 1974); MPA Public Administration, University of Victoria 1976) and Judith Dunbar (B. Ed., University of Victoria 1979; M. Ed., York University 1992), will be funded through an estate gift. David and Judy met and married at Acadia University. They worked in Saskatchewan, Toronto, Miami Beach, with David's IBM assignments in Melbourne Australia, Dusseldorf Germany, and Johannesburg South Africa, before retiring to Charleston, South Carolina.

This Bursary is granted on a renewable basis to students who are the first in their immediate family to attend university and demonstrate financial need. Preference will be given to single parents or Indigenous students. David and Judy intend to support and encourage students who come from socially/economically challenged backgrounds so that they have full opportunity to secure post-secondary education.

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Dean and Marie Trimper Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Current 1st year, Current 2nd year, Current 3rd year, Current 4th year, Entering first year

The Dean and Marie Trimper Bursary is awarded annually to entering or returning students who have demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic performance. Preference will be given to students from in or around Clementsvale, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. This bursary is made possible through a bequest received from the late Dean Milton Trimper (Horton Academy 1946) of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Deane (McCain) and Bill Westaway Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Applied Science

The Deane (McCain) and Bill Westaway Bursary is available to a mature student with preference given to a single parent registered in the faculty of Pure and Applied Science. The candidate will have successfully completed at least one year of full-time study at Acadia. The Westaways are graduates of the Classes of 1947 and 1948 respectively.

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DeWolfe Memorial Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Arts

The DeWolfe Memorial Bursary ($215) was endowed in 1991 by John B. DeWolfe (B.A. Acadia, '46; LL.B. Dalhousie, '49) in memory of family members who were long associated with Acadia: Henry Todd DeWolfe (B.A. Acadia, 1899; D.D., 1909; LL.D., 1925); Rev. Herbert Eaton DeWolfe (B.A. Acadia, 1914); Prof. Edgar Lawrence DeWolfe (B.A. Acadia, 1924; B.E., N.S. Tech., 1933). The bursary is available to a needy student in an Arts program.

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Doris Curry Bursary


The Doris Curry Bursary was endowed in 1984 by Mrs. Doris Curry of Ottawa, Ontario. The income is to be used to assist a continuing undergraduate student who has completed at least one semester at the University with good academic standing. The bursary shall be awarded on the basis of academic performance and financial need to a student who is not in receipt of other University scholarship or bursary support.

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Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Ernest Barss Bursaries

Bursary | Eligibility: Professional Studies, Community Development, Kinesiology, Current 1st year, International student

The Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Ernest Barss Bursaries. These have been endowed by Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Ernest Barss of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and provide $573 to each of four first year students from the United States on the grounds of sporting behaviour, leadership, academic standing and need. The awards are to be made by the Bursary Committee on the recommendation of the Director of the School of Kinesiology and the Head of the Department of Community Development.

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Dr. Avery deWitt Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Athletics

The Dr. Avery deWitt Bursary is awarded annually to a varsity athlete with an interest in the study of medicine or health professions. Students must be enrolled in the Faculty of Science else the Kinesiology program. The bursary was established by family, friends, alumni and colleagues in memory of Dr. Avery deWitt (BA Acadia 1904; MD, CM McGill 1909) who served as University Physician from 1919 to 1956.

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Dr. Dawson G. Fulton Mathematics Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Mathematics and Statistics

The Dr. Dawson G. Fulton Mathematics Bursary is awarded annually, on the basis of financial need, to a returning student in a Bachelor of Science degree program who has declared a major in Mathematics and Statistics. This award was established by the family of Dr. Dawson G. Fulton (Acadia ’29) as a memorial to their father.

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Dr. Donald Darrach Bursary


The Dr. Donald Darrach Bursary was established by Mrs. J. F. MacNeill (Acadia Ladies Sem. 1902) of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, as a memorial to her father, Dr. Donald Darrach. The bursary provides the sum of $80 to be used to assist students, preferably from Prince Edward Island.

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Dr. H. G. and Clara Stenderson Bursary


The Dr. H. G. and Clara Stenderson Bursary. An amount of $160 is to be awarded annually to a needy and worthy student regardless of race, colour or creed.

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Dr. Helen Holden Quinlan Memorial Bursary


The Dr. Helen Holden Quinlan Memorial Bursary is awarded annually to a needy student performing at a satisfactory academic level. Dr. Quinlan, a dedicated specialist in internal medicine, received an honourary degree from Acadia University in 1979.

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Dr. Maurice Tugwell Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Arts, Professional Studies, Business Administration, Economics

The Dr. Maurice Tugwell Bursary will be awarded annually to Acadia University students from the Department of Economics and/or the Manning School of Business Administration demonstrating financial need. Preference will be given to students displaying the following characteristics:

• strong leadership qualities, as demonstrated through community service and extracurricular activities;

• well-rounded, as demonstrated by good citizenship on campus and fostering a welcoming environment for fellow members of the Acadia community; and

• commitment to academic achievement, as demonstrated by a strong work ethic and satisfactory academic performance.

The bursary was established in 2019 and made possible through the generosity of Dr. Maurice Tugwell and alumni and friends. Dr. Tugwell was a beloved Acadia professor to over 13,000 students during his 35 years at Acadia (1972-2007). A larger-than-life figure on campus, Dr. Tugwell embodied the Acadia experience and lifted the spirts of all students, either in his classroom or through a chance encounter on campus. Dr. Tugwell was repeatedly recognized for his accomplishments at Acadia, most notably through the Acadia Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award, the Acadia Students’ Union “Most Wanted” Teacher Recognition Award, and the Atlantic Universities’ Distinguished Teacher Award, to name a few. Dr. Tugwell left an indelible mark on the Acadia campus and it is the hope that this endowed Bursary will continue to do the same for students in need for generations to come

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Dr. Vernon B. Rhodenizer Memorial Bursary


The Dr. Vernon B. Rhodenizer Memorial Bursary was endowed by Percy E. MacKay (Ex. '23 '25) in memory of Dr. Rhodenizer (Head of English Department, 1918 1954) to be awarded to a deserving and needy student majoring in English.

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