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Friday Culture Class: Hike the Dyke

Wolfville is such a friendly and welcoming place that sometimes in the idyllic buzz of small town university life it is easy to forget that we live on the Bay of Fundy.  One street down from the local Tim Hortons Coffee shop is the waterfront park.  This park also partly serves as the gateway to the Dykelands; a historic engineering marvel created by the early Acadian settlers from which Acadia University draws its name.  Aside from providing nutrient-rich farmland, the Dykes are a scenic way to hike from Wolfville to the nearby village of Port Williams.  So last Friday, despite some looming grey clouds threatening rain, this is exactly what we did!  Once we arrived, we took in the view and some refreshment at the local brewery and tap room at Wayfarers Ale.  What a great way to finish the week!  


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