Chile's Atacama Desert: A Southern Sky Experience

February 1, 2019 (12:00 pm - 1:00 pm)

Location: Patterson Hall, Room 308

Join us for our first Lunchtime Learning session of 2019. The public and all members of the Acadia community are welcome to attend this free lecture. 

During a human lifetime, Earth's angular momentum is nearly fixed relative to the distant stars. As a consequence, for observers in Nova Scotia (latitude 45 degrees north) Earth itself blocks our view of 15% of the Universe. Assuming that atmospheric absorption prevents adequate views within 8 degrees of our horizon, 20% of the Universe is effectively blocked from our view. You would think that with 80% of the Universe viewable from Nova Scotia, why would anyone undertake a trip south of the equator merely to see that missing 20%? And why Chile?


Melody Hamilton is a retired nurse whose interest in astronomy began when she became a grandmother for the first time. She has received several RASC Observing Awards including the Deep Sky Gems in 2017. (the first woman in Canada to receive this award.) She and her husband Bruce enjoy their home observatory in southwestern Nova Scotia.


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