The Halifax Common: 250+ Years of Community Use and Debate

November 9, 2017 (12:00 pm - 1:00 pm)

Location: Acadia Art Gallery

In this week's Lunchtime Learning Series session, Professor Emerita Susan Markham-Starr presents "The Halifax Common: 250+ Years of Community Use and Debate."

In 1763, 240 acres were "laid out and registered for a Common for the inhabitants of the town of Halifax forever." In 2007, the Friends of the Halifax Common organization emerged. In the intervening 244 years the Common diminished from 240 acres to about 70 acres of publicly accessible open space through encroachments that serve the medical, social service, educational, administrative needs of the citizens. Each encroachment was justified by the decision makers of the day, but can be criticized in hindsight.

This presentation includes: the concept of Common Lands; the beginning of the Halifax Common; "improving" the Common, recreation on the Common, 250+ years of controversy over community uses, and the current situation with the Friends of the Halifax Common. The focus of the presentation is on the controversies about the use of this public space.

This presentation from Acadia Lifelong Learning is open to the public, students, faculty, and staff.


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