Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 18, 2022

This Sunday, November 20, 2022, is International Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). Because TDOR falls on a weekend this year, we’re planning a gathering on Friday, November 18 at 11am in the SUB to mark the day. Please see below for details.

I encourage everyone from our Acadia community to come join us on Friday as we reflect on the day and send messages of love and affirmation to Two-Spirit, trans, non-binary, and gender diverse students, faculty members, staff, and all employees.

TDOR was founded in 1999 as a day to commemorate trans, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals across the world who have died because of transphobia and transphobic violence. In 1998 a Black trans woman, Rita Hester, was murdered two days before her 35th birthday. Since then, November 20th has become a day to pay respect and remember the many trans people across the world who have been lost over the past year.

TDOR is also an occasion to reflect on our shared role in making our campus, our communities, and our world safer for gender diverse people. We can mourn those who have been lost while also holding space to celebrate the beauty of trans existence and send messages of care and validation.

Events at Acadia

Friday, November 18th at 11AM

Michener Lounge – SUB

We will be hosting an event on Friday at 11am in the Michener Lounge in the SUB. The event will be one quiet reflection on the lives lost to transphobia and violence. Allison Smith will be saying a few words about the significance of the day.

We will have a room with the names of all those lives lost in 2022 to transphobic violence on the walls.

We will also have some space for positive affirmations and words of love for participants to write to our trans students and community members. These messages will be hung up in the SUB and shared on social media.In the lounge we will also proudly hang the trans pride flag and have copies of the Moving Beyond the Binary guidebook and other print resources.

Friday, November 18th at 12PM

From 12pm- 4pm Acadia Pride will be hosting a Chalk About It Event at the SUB to express their thoughts and feelings about what Pride means to them.

Further Learning and Resources


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National Centre for Transgender Equality

Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Trans Women of Color Collective

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Human Rights Campaign Foundation

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