Acadia to Build a New Nursing Building

The Government of Nova Scotia partners with Acadia University to Build a Modern Nursing Building, Enhancing Healthcare Education and Addressing Critical Shortages

Acadia University is excited to share plans to build a new nursing facility, marking a significant step in ongoing efforts to establish an independent program. Announced today, the government of Nova Scotia is investing $13.9 million to support the expansion of nursing education at Acadia, addressing the pressing need for well-trained healthcare professionals in the Annapolis Valley and beyond.

Announcing the funding initiative on behalf of the province was Barbara Adams, Minister of Seniors and Long-Term Care. “Universities are critical to our long-term plan to train more nurses and the healthcare professionals we need, especially for rural parts of the province,” said Adams. “We are proud to invest in a new training facility in the Annapolis Valley region so future nurses can train and learn in the communities they want to live and work in.”

Building on the successful launch of the Acadia campus satellite location for Cape Breton’s School of Nursing, this facility development helps Acadia University obtain full accreditation and approval of a permanent standalone program from the Nova Scotia College of Registered Nurses. The current satellite program is set to graduate 42 nurses in 2026 and eventually reach an annual graduation of 63 nurses. Notably, 50% of nursing seats are dedicated to Mi’kmaq, Indigenous, and African Nova Scotian students.

Funding will contribute to the construction of a modern facility that meets infrastructure requirements with dry lab clinic teaching spaces and simulation rooms, positioning Acadia as a destination for nursing education excellence.

Dr. Jeff Hennessy, President, and Vice-Chancellor of Acadia University, expressed gratitude for the province's support, emphasizing that the new facility is a significant milestone for nursing education at Acadia. In his words, "Beyond benefiting nursing students, it has the opportunity to enhance the campus-wide learning experience by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. This support not only prepares students for the workforce but also empowers Acadia students to make a meaningful impact on healthcare in our region and throughout the province.”

The School of Nursing expansion aligns with the Province's Action for Health plan, aimed at enhancing and transforming healthcare in Nova Scotia through the investment of education and training opportunities to ensure the health needs of communities are met.

As the new nursing facility takes shape, Acadia University looks forward to contributing significantly to the development of a robust and skilled healthcare system, fostering positive health outcomes, and enhancing the overall well-being of the Acadia campus, the Annapolis Valley community, and beyond.

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