Acadia Launches Educational Innovation

New, co-curricular transcript verifies learning outside the classroom

Acadia University is introducing a new type of university transcript to give Acadia students another competitive edge. Similar to an academic transcript, in which courses and marks are confirmed, Acadia now verifies student involvement outside the classroom – both on and off campus – with the introduction of its new co-curricular transcript (CCT).

“I am proud that Acadia is one of the first Canadian universities to introduce a verified co-curricular transcript,” says Ray Ivany, Acadia’s president and vice-chancellor. “Acadia has a long tradition of providing a personalized education and the co-curricular transcript  extends that concept by allowing our students to document a more complete picture of the role learning plays in helping them achieve their academic and life goals.”

Students wishing to create a transcript will log onto a secure database that allows them to document their activities and reflect on their personal learning. Students’ learning statements will indicate how they have grown as a person by being involved in the community. 

“Employers want to understand what sets our graduates apart from their peers,” says Michelle Johnson, Acadia’s co-curricular transcript coordinator and career development specialist. “Our students have always been engaged in their surrounding community during their time here at Acadia.  Now we, as an institution, have found a way to capture and recognize the learning they receive outside the classroom.”

Acadia’s Class of 2010 will be the first to graduate with this distinction. The initial implementation of the transcript is supported by the John Dobson Foundation of Montreal with the intent of creating more relevant graduates ready for today’s demanding challenges as part of their entrepreneurial programming in select Canadian universities. 

“Acadia has been big on technology and small classroom size and has always been the trendsetter for inside the classroom,” says fourth-year Acadia student Jenny Palmer. “But now, this co-curricular transcript is going to set Acadia apart outside the classroom.”

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