Rob Raeside awarded J. Willis Ambrose Medal

Dr. Rob Raeside has been named the Geological Association of Canada (GAC®)'s 2021 J. Willis Ambrose Medalist.  

Each year, the medal is presented to an individual who has demonstrated sustained commitment to Canada’s earth science community. Raeside, Department Head of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, has been at Acadia for 39 years, and has tirelessly served the geoscience community at the regional and national levels. The medal recognizes his contributions to numerous organizations including Geoscience Canada, the Geological Association of Canada, the Mineralogical Association of Canada, the Atlantic Geoscience Society, and more.   

“The Canadian geoscience community is small enough that people know each other, but broad enough and sufficiently scattered geographically that they rarely collaborate on the national scene," explains Raeside. "My contribution has been to try to provide means by which geoscientists can stay connected and informed.”

Learn more about the Geological Association of Canada and the J. Willis Ambrose medal on their website.

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