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Health Insurance After Graduation (FAQ)

Now that you have graduated or are about to graduate things will change with your ASU Student Health Insurance. Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to changes in your Health Insurance after graduation.

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Q: The ASU health plan starts from September 1st and ends at August 31stthe following year. If a student graduates anytime before August 31st, will he/she still be covered by ASU health plan even if he/she is not an Acadia student anymore?

A: If the student is registered only first term, their coverage ends December 31. If they are also registered for the second term, their coverage continues until August 31 (assuming they remain in the province of Nova Scotia).

Q: Is there travel insurance for students who graduate before August 31st under the ASU health plan? If so, what is the coverage and benefit?

A: The ASU health plan assumes that while you are a student at Acadia you will remain within the province of Nova Scotia. However, international students are eligible for up to 30 days of emergency travel insurance.

Q: After August 31st, students are not supposed to be covered by ASU health plan. Are there any alternative health plans available for students to purchase in order to cover their stay in Canada?  If

A: Graduating students may contact Acadia's Students' Union insurance plan provider at 1-855-337-3532 if they are staying beyond August 31st so they can arrange alternative coverage while living in Canada and working.

We strongly suggest if you plan on staying in Canada you should purchase personal health insurance.

Q: Are there any issues related to the health plan which a graduated student should know about?

A: When you are shopping for health insurance, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The cheaper the health plan, the more exclusions and hidden clauses there will be. ETFS individual coverage is pretty good and if price is a big issue, they also have a cheaper accident plan.

The Plan Provider for International Students through the ASU is: Destination Canada: Travel Group Inc.
Phone: 1-855-337-3532 or 1-416-499-1900

Q: What are some other health insurance providers in Canada and how do I contact them?

Medavie Blue Cross: 1-800-667-4511
Sunlife Financial: 1-877-786-5433
Great West Life Assurance: 1-800-461-3181
Green Shield Canada: 1-888-711-1119

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