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Living In Canada

Moving to Canada is an exciting opportunity but also a great challenge. Of course you aren’t expected to know everything about living in a new country and we expect you to have questions. Some examples might be:

  • Do I need a government ID card while living in Nova Scotia?
  • What are the laws I need to be aware of that may be different from home?
  • How do I find a dentist or a doctor?
  • Should I open a bank account ?
  • How do I separate my garbage for recycling?
  • What documents do I need if I want to work?
  • Can I apply for the Nova Scotia health insurance ?
  • Where do I  go if I get sick and the clinic on campus is closed ?
  • Can I drive in Canada with a license from my own country?

Every country is unique in its laws and procedures and we understand that. We have tried to supply as much information as possible in our International Student Handbook and on this website but if there is anything else you are wondering about, please ask us at the International Centre.

We want you to settle in and feel at home!

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