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Recycling and Garbage 101

Recycling is an excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment.

Valley Waste Resource Management in Kentville oversees garbage and recycling here in the Annapolis Valley. They are responsible for the collection and diversion of all waste from landfill sites.

Waste is separated into different bags for collection depending on the material – glass, paper, cans, plastic and even our food can all be recycled and composted.

Following is a list below of items that go into each disposal category:

  • Blue Bag Recycling: Items to be recycled go in blue garbage bags that can be purchased in the garbage bag section of the supermarket. Recycled items include glass, cans, plastics and cartons.
  • Paper Recycling: Newspaper and dry, clean paper can also go out for recycling every week. Paper must be placed in a separate grocery bag or clear garbage bag.
  • Green Cart Composting: All your organic waste, including food waste, cereal boxes and paper towels, go in your green cart or compost bin.
  • Garbage: Any waste you can't recycle or composted is garbage. It goes in a clear plastic garbage bag.
  • Household Hazardous Waste: Hazardous waste, including batteries, paint and motor oil, must be taken to a household hazardous waste disposal depot.

Go to Valley Waste Resource Management to learn more.

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