Online Learning

Who teaches the courses?

All courses are taught by experienced instructors, including many Acadia University faculty members. Your Instructor will be available to you by phone or email, as well as through the online course management system.

What does open-entry or continuous-intake mean?

There are no particular registration or start times (ex. monthly, semesters) for our courses. You can register whenever you’d like and begin shortly thereafter, once your registration has been processed. You’ll usually have up to 6 months to complete your course, but, generally, the pace is up to you.


Are all courses open-entry/continuous-intake?

Most of our courses are open-entry, self-paced courses. However, please note that some online courses are term-based, with specific interactive group activities that are dependent on scheduling set by the instructor. This will be indicated in the course details and description.

If you are a full-time Acadia University student participating in a continuous-intake/open-entry course, we recommend that you complete your courses by the beginning of the fall semester.

Do I have to be an Acadia student to take your courses? What if I’m enrolled at another university?

Anyone is welcome to take our online courses: simply apply to Acadia as a part time/distance learner. Each year, many students from other universities in Nova Scotia and beyond choose to take online courses from Acadia.

What are the credit-hours for this course?

Four figures are used for each credit course at Acadia, and this applies to the online courses as well.

  • The first figure indicates the year of attendance in which the course is typically taken. The '1', '2', '3' and '4' indicates courses at the undergraduate level, while '5', '6' and '7' indicate courses taken at the graduate level.
  • The second and third figures provide a serial listing, from 00 to 99, of the various courses offered by an academic department or school.
  • The last digit indicates the credit-hours of the course. The digit '3' indicates a three credit-hour (3h) course, a '6' indicates a six credit-hour (6h) course, and '0' is used for a non-credit course.

For example, ENGL 2183 is an undergraduate course usually taken in the second year of study, and it is a 3 credit-hour course.

Can I transfer my credits to another university?

Yes, most other Canadian universities will accept Acadia University credits. If you’re currently enrolled at another institution or have decided where you may wish to transfer your credits, we recommend you contact the institution to verify details and applicability. Upon completion of your course, please request a transcript through your Self-Service account. More information about requesting a transcript is available here.

Do online courses count towards my GPA?

Online courses are measured in the same credit-hours as campus courses, and they count towards completion of your degree requirements. They are included in your transcript in the same way any other credit course is.

What is required to register?

You’ll need to be admitted to Acadia for part-time study, and fill out a brief registration form. You must also pay course fees before you begin your study. Please see the documentation on our Registration page, and contact us if you have any questions.

When can I start? When will my registration be confirmed?

The registration process usually takes about one week. Approval to take the course may be required if you are in a degree program at Acadia University.

You can begin your course any time after your registration has been confirmed. You will receive an email confirmation.

If you are ordering textbooks frome the Acadia University bookstore, allow at least a week for delivery.


What if I want to complete my course in less than three months?

You should discuss this with your instructor first. Most of our instructors are full-time Acadia faculty with other teaching commitments. They may not be able to meet your timelines.

I have a busy schedule. How long do I have to complete the course?

Typically, you have up to six months to complete a credit course, but you may apply for a course extension. Note, however, that some online courses are term-based, with interactive, group activities that necessarily make them less flexible with respect to scheduling.

Can I register for more than one course at a time?

Yes. If you are a full-time Acadia University student, however, there may be some limits on how many courses you can take during the summer or in addition to your typical fall/winter course load. Please contact Open Acadia or your academic advisor for details.

How do I order my textbooks?

You can order your textbooks online from the Acadia University Bookstore.

When and how will I receive my final grade?

You will be notified by email when your grade has been submitted. You can access your grade by logging your account in the Self-Service area of myAcadia. It cannot be given to you by e-mail or over the phone.

How do I write my exams if I’m not near the Acadia University campus?

Acadia allows examinations to be proctored at other educational institutions. If you are in a remote area, other proctors may be considered. Learn more by visiting our Online Exams page.

If I need technical assistance with my online course, what should I do or whom do I contact?

For technical assistance with your online course resources, login to ACORN and contact our technical support staff.

If you are encountering issues with admission, payment, registration, etc., please choose from the undergraduate or graduate contacts on the right side of this page.

Can I use library resources, and how can I borrow books if I don’t live in the area?

The Vaughan Memorial Library provides service to distance education students. More information is available in the Student Handbook you will receive with your course material, or at the library's website.

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